Monday, May 17, 2010

No. 2: Creativity and Serendipity

The employment situation hardly improves in Japan. As the current government promotes policies that pay little attention to the supply side, company’s competitive edge has deteriorated, and lots of seniors scheduled to graduate from college next spring have been spending gloomy days because they have never got an official job offer. This creates a grave situation and affects their future badly. Under the current business conditions, companies find it hard to increase employments and try to find a means of survival by creating innovation. As a result, business management is growing to be a complex system endlessly. In the days like this, serendipity that is the ability to make an accidental discovery grows important. It is vital to recombine multiple matters and correlate them in the process to create innovation. The harder it is to find the correlations, the bigger intellectual gaps needs to be filled for recombination. Accordingly, the role played by what is unforeseen grows bigger. Simply put, serendipity is the ability to find unforeseen issues, and it is of great help to the evolution of living matters. Evolution means being creative, and the driving force of creativity is random by nature and redundancy. Therefore, it is not a good idea to eliminate the redundancy to the utmost limit. Without redundancy, living matters optimize themselves only to the present environment, and they are tapped once they fail to implement a plan faithfully.

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